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How much does an onyx countertop cost?

A common price is $200-$300 per square foot, although some stones and some suppliers will cost more or less.

What colors does onyx come in?

The most popular colors are white, honey, fire, and green onyx. Generally you can find white, gray, beige, red/orange, and green shades of onyx – both separately and in combinations. For example, “fire” is a mix of red and orange with some gray and white mixed in.

Is onyx better than granite?

For a kitchen counter top, granite is probably a better choice because it can hold up to frequent, rough use. Onyx is better for decorative purposes since it is less durable but more visually pleasing.

Do you do reviews of onyx countertops?

No, but ask around in any homeowner or do-it-yourself handyman forum – I’ve never seen anyone saying they were unhappy with their onyx countertops (unless the contractor installed them incorrectly!)

What are the pros and cons of choosing an onyx countertop?

This question is answered completely in our article, “What You Must Know Before Choosing Onyx for your Kitchen or Bathroom Countertops.”