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Where to Buy Onyx Countertops, Online...

Where to Buy Onyx Countertops, Online or Local?
It’s hard enough to find a good contractor for common jobs, but when you are talking about such a rare and costly item as onyx stone, finding a good place to buy onyx countertops and handle installation gets much, much harder. What should you do? Talk to your local contractors and suppliers? Or go online to see what you can find? Genera [...]

Is Onyx Right For You?

Is Onyx Right For You?
Onyx stone is the only semi-precious stone that is used for both jewelry and home interiors (i.e. countertops, vanities, etc..) That’s an accomplishment! The beauty of onyx draws many people in. But is onyx right for you? Ask yourself the following questions to see if onyx could be a good fit in your home. Can you afford it? There is no [...]

How to Care For Your Onyx Countertop

How to Care For Your Onyx Countertop
Getting onyx countertops is a little bit like getting a puppy. They both require frequent care, and you have to be ready to clean up any mess ASAP! I can’t help you with the dog, but I can tell you how to take care of your onyx. Sealing your onyx countertop. Step #1 is to use a special sealer on your countertop to maintain its luminous [...]

What You Must Know Before Choosing On...

What You Must Know Before Choosing Onyx for your Kitchen or Bathroom Countertops
If you’re looking for new countertops that will add a touch of class to your kitchen or bathroom, you have probably looked at both marble and granite. These are common materials that both look stunning and are durable. But some people are now turning to onyx countertops for an extra special touch. Is it the right decision? Well, it migh [...]

The Beauty of Backlit Onyx Countertop...

The Beauty of Backlit Onyx Countertops
While onyx is beautiful on its own, it is even more beautiful when the light hits it. Onyx is translucent and provides an effect that no other stone does. But there is a good way to go a step further – backlit onyx countertops. Backlit onyx really glows and miraculously lights up a dim room. It’s simply stunning. How does backligh [...]